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Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Research (IJMSIR) is a multi-disciplinary journal with a focus on education, management, health, and technology. The IJMSIR shall publish works on education, management, health and technology theories, policy, and practices, whether analytical, evaluative, basic, applicative, and/or descriptive. Papers dealing with new developments in education, religions, health, information communication, technology, and management sciences. Empirical findings/discoveries, a new test of hypothesis/ theoretical formation and modifications of existing theories or policies, research done by scholars, policymakers, and other professionals bringing new facts in the context of sciences, social sciences, and humanities that show direct relevance to the development of education, religions, health, information communication, technology, and management sciences. Manuscripts submitted to the IJMSIR should present original materials not previously published or under consideration for publication elsewhere. The Journal will also accept papers from varied disciplinary areas including:

  1. a. General Education,
  2. b. Theory and Practice of Education,
  3. c. Educational Leadership and Management,
  4. d. Banking, Finance and Accounting,
  5. e. Human Resource Development and Management,
  6. f. Public Administration and Management,
  7. g. Entrepreneurship,
  8. h. Corporate Governance and Organizational Development,
  9. i. Strategic Management and Managerial Economics,
  10. j. Financial Planning and Management,
  11. k. Nursing and Midwifery,
  12. l. Public Health Education/Promotion, Healthcare Management, and Informatics,
  13. m. Religious Studies,
  14. n. Church Administration and Management,
  15. o. Information and Communication Sciences,
  16. p. Computer Science and Technology,
  17. q. Artificial intelligence, 
  18. r.  Industrial Mathematics, 
  19. s.  Linguistics etc. 


The IJMSIR will provide an international forum for dissemination and exchange of findings of empirical research, topical issues, and theories, and reviews on various issues of the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and technology from Ghanaian, African, and world perspectives. IJMSIR will accept manuscripts/papers from Ghana, Africa, and other geographic regions of the world with the aim of publishing articles linked with contemporary theories and practices.


As a journal with an international outlook and national relevance, the natural audience for IJMSIR will include students, academics, scholars, researchers, and professionals in the fields of education, religions, health, information communication, computing, and management sciences and technology. The likely subscribers of IJMSIR are universities, research institutions, Libraries, and research funding organizations, government and international agencies, regulatory institutions and individual researchers, etc.

Special Issues

The IJMSIR will welcome Guest Editors to produce Special Issues consisting of articles organized around themes of particular interest. Guest editors who are not on the editorial board of IJMSIR will edit these special issues. Proposals for Special Issues are most welcomed.